Who is Q?

"Q" is a consulting company that is dedicated to locating weak points in operational organizations along the value chain, developing highly efficient and practical solutions and implementing them. For us, sustainably effective processes and quality are inextricably linked.

"Q" does not see itself as an organizational beautician, but as a pragmatic and active solution developer, consultant and supporter. Our focus here is on the entire manufacturing industry with its global network.

"Q" does not develop any solution-theoretical approaches, but concentrates on the operational result that can be implemented - with immediate effect and supports your organization, if desired, with the implementation. To do this, we actively go into the organization and work with you to make improvements and eliminate the identified weaknesses. We speak the language of the organization at all levels involved.

"Q" is not just called that, but "Q" means quality! As "qualifiers and organizers by conviction", it is the aim of the members of "Q" to not only generate quality and effective, efficient processes on paper, but to establish a sustainable, effective quality management system in your organization in order to be sustainable, effective and efficient to produce!

"Q"'s most important customers are the customers who don't (have to) come back! Not because we don't keep what we promised, but because we did exactly that and according to the ideas of our customers.

Of course, "Q" is always available to every new and existing customer for all topics where we can provide goal-oriented, competent and pragmatic support.

Kai-Uwe Tillmann

Born in 1969, founder, owner and CEO of "Q"

At the beginning of the new millennium, he ended his successful career in the top management of a European global player in the packaging industry and dedicated himself to his own consulting business.

Coming from the REFA world, with one of the most comprehensive expertise in the field of quality management and industrial engineering, he has since successfully combined holistic process understanding with the methods of the automotive world (VDA). Supported by social skills and multicultural understanding, his focus is on supplier quality, supplier management on the one hand, and on system quality, certification preparation, QM system evaluation, and the implementation of automotive quality requirements in ISO 9001 certified organizations on the other.

As a VDA 6.3 auditor in the area of process quality on the one hand and as VDA 6.1 and IATF 16949 auditor (each 1st & 2nd party), he covers all required auditor qualifications of the automotive industry. As a "quality of conviction", he advises his customers precisely to generate individual solutions with sustainability for each individual customer, without having to resort to ready-made standard solutions. In addition to the costs for the individual customer, he always keeps the principle of "sustainable effectiveness" of his work in focus. Goals must be achieved from timely, sustainable and efficient!

Quality is certainly not free, no quality or quality, only on paper costs many times more. Quality is win-win for everyone involved! My goal is to significantly reduce your costs through quality and sustainable, efficient value-added processes!