Supplier Rating

Whether in the course of the sourcing process when developing new suppliers or the effective management of the existing supplier base, objective and detailed information about the performance, stability and reliability of your suppliers is of essential importance. We go to your suppliers and there we go into detail, whether in southern Germany, China, South Africa, Poland, Brazil or India! "Q" provides your organization with objective, methodically correctly determined information by VDA-certified and accredited auditors for system and process audits and provides you with a reliable basis for your purchasing and supplier management decisions! We are also happy to support you in setting up an effective supplier management system.

Supplier Development

Unstable suppliers can become a threat to your own production. In order to ensure your own success or to restore and consolidate stable customer-supplier relationships in the long term, structured and targeted supplier development is important. Whether it's the standard-required development of suppliers' QM systems, customer expectations of securing the supply chain, escalation scenarios and resident programs - "Q" helps you to keep an eye on your supply chain and keep it under control.




Due to a lack of resources, does your organization need support to carry out system and/or process audits in your supplier management or to provide your purchasing department with realistic assessments of the quality capability of future suppliers? Auditors with international experience and directly certified and accredited by the VDA-QMC according to VDA 6.1 and IATF 16949 and at the process level according to VDA 6.3 provide you with all the information you need.

We also support you in the preparation of upcoming customer and/or certification audits.

Trouble Shooting

If a supplier relationship gets so out of hand that escalation becomes unavoidable, "Q" will support you in implementing the necessary measures on site with your supplier. We work in your interests anywhere in the world, methodically and with a high level of intercultural intelligence, in order to end the escalation as quickly as possible. We are also happy to support you in implementing effective escalation scenarios. It goes without saying that "Q" will support your organisation if you get into an escalation with one of your customers.