Consulting & Training

Quality management as a management tool, a standard requirement of ISO 9001/2015 and IATF 16949!

We support you worldwide in the realization!!

  • Individual in-house training for your team on systemic and operational quality (tailored to your specific needs)
  • Individual advice on quality issues
  • Quality Core Tools in practice
  • Safe handling of risks and opportunities
  • Effective quality management as an efficient tool for reducing costs and maximizing profits

Global Supplier Quality

Efficiency and stability of suppliers as the backbone of every production.

Secure your supply chain nationally and globally with us!

  • Wherever you need us in the world, we go there for you,
    reliably and goal-oriented!
  • Supplier system audits (VDA 6.1 and IATF 16949) - standard-compliant evaluation of supplier management systems according to VDA 6.1, IATF 16949 ISO 9001
  • Supplier process audits (VDA 6.3) - objective evaluation of supplier performance in accordance with VDA 6.3 P1, P2 to P7 and other audit methods in the sourcing process and in series delivery
  • Troubleshooting / escalation management - resident tasks at suppliers worldwide
  • Potential assessment in the sourcing process (according to VDA)

Process & System Analysis

Weak processes and ineffective quality management systems imply high costs and diminish returns.

Lower your costs with us!

  • Assessment of the value added process
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Resilience analysis according to quality aspects (risk assessment, countermeasures)
  • System analysis of the quality management system (plausibility, risk assessment of the process landscape)
  • Efficiency assessment of operational processes
  • Interface analysis
  • Verification of standard conformities
  • Preparation of process and system reports in the investment project

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